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Lady Hardinge Medical College
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COVID - 19 Response

To give is to grow.....

Many LHMCAANA members were involved in COVID - 19 relief either individually or as a group, providing aid to India in the spring of 2021. The Delta variant hit India with a ferocity that crippled the health system and caused unfathomable grief and devastation. As we all watched in helpless horror, we reached out to our Hardonian sisters and other physicians in North America to help our fellow Indians back home.

Below is a list of some of the work that we are aware of. This is by no means a complete list and we will be happy to edit as we get more information.

  1. The 1990 LHMC batch raised $ 13,300 within a week and was able to donate 11 5L oxygen concentrators, 100 nasal cannulas, 10 transformers, 30 pulse oximeters to Bhagat Chandra Hospital and Municipal Corporation of Delhi(MCD). Once the situation in Delhi improved, these Oxygen concentrators were then donated to a charitable hospital in Dehradun.
  2. 2000 FDA approved KN95 were donated and distributed to safai karamcharis of MCD who were using cloth masks while cleaning hospital beds and rooms of COVID -19 positive patients and were falling sick themselves.
  3. Hardonians in Mizoram and LHMC 1980 batch sought help for the predicted upsurge of COVID - 19 cases in the peaceful State of Mizoram.
    • Engtai, with her batchmates Poonam Narang, Deepa Dave and Richa Chandra (LHMCAANA President) were able to mobilize Hardonians all over the world.
    • LHMCAANA members opened up their hearts and purses and contributed to the cause.
    • LHMC alumni were able to raise funds to purchase and distribute over 10,000 Rapid Antigen Test Kits in a timely fashion.
    • In addition, Dr. Kapasi was able to get AAPI to donate ventilators to Mizoram.
  4. LHMCAANA members donated $2000 for Salaam Balak Trust, an NGO in India seeking to provide rations to the street children in New Delhi.
  5. Telemedicine services were provided to rural communities in Bihar and Tamil Nadu via zoom in collaboration with Aid India working on the ground in these communities.
  6. Telemedicine services in collaboration with ASHA workers were provided in a slum community in Hyderabad.


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