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Green Thumb Hardinge


Ramya Pinnamaneni

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Ila Kumar

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A Community which marvels at living nature unfolding in soil continually.

Green Thumb Hardinge Gals  is a vibrant community of 41 women. In the past year, we have bonded because or our interest in gardening. We have shared our successes and failures, and learnt from each other. We started with composting, then as spring and summer came around, we saw stunning pictures of beautiful flowers in our gardens or on hikes. We learnt about orchids and other indoor plants like curry patta. In summer we appreciated each other’s vegetables and fruits. Fall sent in and we saw fall colours.

Our young historian Ramya Pinnamaneni got married in India in the fall. We are awaiting spring once again. The cycle never stops!!

Please contact us at: for information on joining our club- we want you...

Sumana ‘85

Gardening reminds me of my late mom. She loved to try and grow plants from cuttings. In Bangalore she had a paan creeper, some lotus in a tiny pond and even bananas in her little patch outside their apartment!

For me, gardening is therapy. Especially weeding- the feeling of accomplishment after pulling out a bunch of weeds is priceless!

Arun Asha Kalra’63

I think it is in my blood from my father - growing up we always had a garden.

I remember waking up early before school to pluck flowers and vegetables daily.

It is relaxing, I love looking at, and after my plants. Caring for them and waiting with anticipation what will I see changed the next day- they are my babies.


I enjoy taking care of my plants & seeing the ‘fruits’ of my labor.

They are so rewarding - giving results in one short cycle.

They are like my children, each with a distinct personality, forgiving - some days they are better than my children - they don’t talk back!

Illa ‘84

When I see a flower bud, I see a possibility. When I see it in full bloom, I see the universe intended for our enjoyment.

Whether standing alone like a dignified soldier or ablaze in Nature ‘s tapestry, flowers and plants bring out in me such delightful tranquility.

Their fragrance can be as elusive as a fine mist or as potent as a thunderstorm and I find myself engulfed by it.

Their ephemeral lifespan reminds me of the impermanence of our time on earth.

Whether the simplest of posies or the most elegant of hothouse blooms, they remind me that their beauty is eternal and endures in our minds long after their time is done.

Each translucent new leaf and unfurling petal reminds me of the mystery of the Greater Power over us.

Anupma’ 80

Being in my garden, planting seeds, watching my plants grow feeds my soul, purifies air, and provides fresh vegetables for me and my family.

Recent Updates

The arrival of spring was announced by the gorgeous blooms and sprouts of the Green Thumb-ers.

Members asked for ‘diagnostic, therapeutic, and prognostic advice’ for their plants and received answers from the more experienced plant doctors- mealybugs and other infestations fought with neem oil or rubbing alcohol or dish soap or pesticides or advanced CPR (just prune it as much as possible). Everybody discussed when to plant seeds and shared pictures of their colorful yards in the spring. The use of compost for these natural beauties was encouraged. Keeping away weeds, squirrels and rabbits were also discussed.

Dr Asha’s camellias and daffodils that almost gave in to the spring snow or her beautiful yard of flowers, Dr Kumkum’s seed planting tips, timings and sprout tests, Dr Ila’s floral creations and gorgeous backyard blooms, nature-wanderer Dr Sumana’s and Dr Rachna’s pictures from floral tours, Dr. Sue’s aero garden, Dr. Daya’s blooming rose bushes, Dr Pratima’s happy pumpkin plants, Dr Archana’s humble garden… innumerable pictures and messages made everybody hope for a way to ‘share the fragrance’ of the fresh blooms.

The group motivates us to keep growing and rejuvenate.


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