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Nutrichefs LHMCAANA


Pratima Srivastava

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We believe that Food is Medicine...

The Nutrichefs LHMCANNA was started on 29thApril 2021. Currently there are 54 members and counting. All our group activities are conducted through WhatsApp where the community is very active. Members generally share information about Indian foods. New or healthy foods, foods for days of fasting, or fusion foods are discussed and shared. We also discuss food fads, health science and food substitutes and kitchen appliances.

Some unique recipes we have shared include mukhana (Foxnut) quinoa khichdi, lauki kofta in an airfryer, green pea rava idli, oat uthappam, steel cut oat/buckwheat upma and sabu dana khichdi

Sweets and desserts like kalakand, mohanthal, coconut laddu’s gluten-free malpuva, gajar halwa and almond flour bread with banana were shared including Kheer options like rice/lauki.

Different types of rotis, theplas etc have been shared. We share dough mixing options like silken tofu, avocado, grated veggies, left over dals etc.

Spice mixes from whole spices, pickling ginger/daikon and green chilies in apple cider vinegar have been shared too.

Our members learn about food and about living. As food is both for the body and soul. Happy cooking!! Please contact if you wish to join us - We want you.....

Submitted by Pratima Srivastava.

Recent Updates

Recipes were covered tended to be grouped:

Festivities led to sharing of typical foods during Navratri vrat, Diwali, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Lohri, Makar-Sankranti have been shared. At holi Gujiya making was a hit.

Regional dishes included ‘Pahari Kathal Madra’ from H.P. and ‘Litti Chokha’ from UP/Bihar.

Snacks section had unique recipes of Sabudana tikki, besan chilla, ram laddu, muthia, quinoa upma, pakoras for vrat (with kuttu flour mixed with Singhara flour and potatoes), Appe made from Bajra and besan. 

Desserts included novel Lauki and Beetroots halwa, almond burfi, chaina murgi, sabudana kheer, eggless cookie and many more.

Veggie recipes saw a burst of uncommon recipes: Hyderabadi baingan, Manchurian Gobi and corn, bharva long eggplant  with roasted masala, tindora, ridge gourd, guar beans, desi style brussel sprouts and others. 

Zucchini was awarded the most versatile vegetable! A list was compiled on how to use Zucchini in koftas, raita, zoodles, in chana and other dals, grilled slices in sandwiches, adding in flour dough or chila and breads, zucchini do payzaa and in mixed veggies along with tofu.

Desi style yogurt, ranging from starter types like using green chili,various types of milk- whole milk, reduced fat milk, A2 milk, almond and cashew milk, adding fruits to yogurt, and the style of making yogurt- the old-fashioned way or using an Instant.

Grains included varieties of Rotis admixed with veggies and different types of flour usage were shared. Kathal biryani, desi style pasta!

Pickles of green chili and gajar were shared.

Chutneys of granny smith apple, coconut and yellow tomato sauce were shared.

Soup recipes for ginger,Bok choy and butternut squash were the highlights.

Strict vegans had their day with Vegan smoothies.

Appliances and kitchen accessories like Rotimatic, potato masher, gujiya mould and tortilla maker as a roti maker were discussed.


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