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Lady Hardinge Medical College
Alumni Association of North America

Celebrating, Supporting, and Empowering Women Physicians


Richa Chandra-Chairperson
Batch : 1980
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Hema Kapoor-Co Chair
Batch : 1976
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The purpose of this Committee is to establish a liaison between LHMCAANA and LHMC, LHMCAA (LHMC alumni association located in India) and other organizations like AAPI (American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin).

We envision a vibrant network that celebrates, supports and empowers women physicians and promotes our Alma Mater as a preeminent medical institution for women.

Short term goals : (3-6 months)

  1. Encourage exchange of knowledge and experience through webinars at LHMC with Institutes in the US
    • Identify Universities in the US that have Hardonians in key positions.
    • Identify LHMC faculty who share a desire to promote collaboration.
    • Facilitate and coordinate these workshops or webinars.
  2. Collaborate with LHMCAA through dialogue and shared social activities like Music Circle or a travel club.
  3. Build relationships with organizations that can be leveraged for funding resources and grant writing for specific projects at LHMC.
  4. Identify and liaise with organizations that are well established like Foundation for Excellence to obtain scholarships for students at LHMC.
  5. Identify and liaise with LHMC students who would be the future members of LHMCAANA.

Long term Goals : (1-2 years)

  • Work towards an exchange program for students and faculty at LHMC.
  • Work towards raising support for infrastructure at LHMC through grant writing and fundraising.

Strategy :

  • Introduce LHMCAANA to the current Principal and assess their priority needs which might include infrastructure or equipment for the college or hospital.
  • Request the Principal for one honorary member from the faculty with keen interest in collaborating with Alumni with subject matter expertise who could connect with US Universities with LHMC.
  • Request LHMCAA for an honorary member to the Liaison Committee.
  • Request LHMC Students for an Honorary member to the Liaison Committee.

Committee Members :

  • Niharika Khanna-AAPI
  • Madhu Ahluwalia- FFE
  • Archana Goel-LHMCAA
  • Ena Gupta
  • A Hardonian who is in a Residency program currently in US.

Honorary Members :

  • LHMC Principal appointee
  • LHMCAA President appointee
  • Student Representative

Members agree to meet once or twice a month at predetermined times and report to the Board on a calendar.


The Lady Hardinge Medical College Association of North America is a group of more than 1000 alumni motivated towards empowering women physicians from its Alma Mater settled in North America.



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