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Lady Hardinge Medical College
Alumni Association of North America

Celebrating, Supporting, and Empowering Women Physicians

By-laws Committee

Hema Kapoor Abrol
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Hema Nathan
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Swati Pande Sharma
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Suruchi Kaul
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Please click here to view the LHMCAANA Bylaws

Aims of the Bylaws committee:

  • To ensure that the LHMCAANA has a bylaws document that is commiserate with the growth of potential LHMCAANA members in North America.
  • To review and revise the existing LHMCAANA Bylaws document, as necessary.

Short term goals: (6-9 months)

  • Form a 4-member committee.
  • Review and revise a draft document for presentation to the LHMCAANA Board.
  • Present a final document to the LHMCAANA general body at the Annual Meeting for vote.

Long term goals:

  • The LHMCAANA document that is voted in by the general body shall be reviewed every 3 years by the Board. Reconstitute an ad hoc Bylaws committee if considered necessary.


  • Formation of a 4-member committee.
  • Engage with an expert in Bylaws.
  • Obtain Bylaws documents for several well-functioning alumni associations in USA for reference.
  • Review and revise the existing Bylaws document.
  • Present a completed document to the LHMCAANA Board for approval.
  • Present to the LHMCAANA membership at the annual meeting for approval by vote.

Dr. Passey

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Recent Updates

January 2023 (Submitted by Hema Kapoor’76)

Bylaws version 2.0 was introduced in the GBM during Annual meeting in August 2022 and was approved by the majority votes during the meeting.

July 2022 (Submitted by Hema Kapoor’76)

Significant changes to the existing Bylaws are being considered in the following sections:

  1. Membership classification and Privileges
  2. Governance section- The Association shall be governed by a duly elected thirteen-member Board of Directors (BOD). There shall be a five-member executive committee (EC) and eight members who will serve as chairpersons and co-chairpersons of the standing committees of the Association to help facilitate the functioning of the Association.
  3. Addition of three new sections:
    • Description of the Qualifications and duties of EC members
    • Finance and Asset management
    • A description of standing committees- Bylaws, Communications, Liaison Committee, Social and CME, Outreach and membership, Nomination Committee, Social Committee, Finance Committee.


The Lady Hardinge Medical College Association of North America is a group of more than 1000 alumni motivated towards empowering women physicians from its Alma Mater settled in North America.



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