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Lady Hardinge Medical College
Alumni Association of North America

Celebrating, Supporting, and Empowering Women Physicians


Mona Gupta
Chairperson CME
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  • Bring cohesiveness & pride among LHMCAANA members via both virtual and in person meetings which is unique.
  • Create a cadre of Academic Hardonians who can be a resource to LHMC as we liaise with LHMC faculty and students.
  • Create a group of mentors and mentees and see Hardonians flourish.

Long Term Goals:

  • Create an annual calendar of events including virtual and in person events in collaboration with special interest clubs like the proposed travel club or LHMCAANA Melodies. For example
    1. Travel or exercise - yoga, biking, hiking or meditation excursion with CME that is on a fixed long weekend every year e.g. MLK weekend or Presidents weekend.
    2. Musical gathering at tourist spots in locations which are being rejuvenated like Dharamshala and ancient temples.
    3. One nationwide virtual event every year which will showcase various social clubs, LHMCAANA board members and agenda for the year.

Short term goals  :

  • Identify members’ need for CME.
  • Paper work & expense related to CME and a University that can be utilized to take care of CME.

Strategy :

  • Liven the existing Social Committee and discuss the final calendar, new ideas, suggestions and the possibility of person events.
  • Seek volunteers for Social/CME Committee from different age groups and encourage the members to attend destination events with their batch mates from US and India like a recent batch that went to Vegas.

Members to agree to meet once in two month at predetermined times and with report to the Board on a Calendar.


The Lady Hardinge Medical College Association of North America is a group of more than 1000 alumni motivated towards empowering women physicians from its Alma Mater settled in North America.



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