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Meditation and Self-Hypnosis


Arun Asha Kalra

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Jasleen Kaur Goel

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Priti Seth

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Where Mind and body meets....

The Meditation and Self Hypnosis group has almost 75 members and was born in response to Dr Arun Kalra’s suggestion. The response was amazing! Arun ji held some well attended sessions on zoom between April 2021 and September and both before and after the session, held interactive discussions with the attendees. Since September we have had weekly meditations, also on Zoom, initially led by Mahayana Buddhist teachers in the New Kadampa Tradition. Most recently one of our alumni Priti Seth has led meditations in the Vedanta tradition. We are also experiencing OSHO meditations led by Anil Chandwani from Reset Code. We have benefited from the difference between self-hypnosis, and meditations offered by a variety of teachers. The different feedbacks from the participants have also contributed to making the experience beneficial for us all. We have a Whatsapp group that encourages philosophical discourse and we meet on Zoom on Saturday for 45 minutes from 4-4.45 PM EST.

Although all our meetings have been on zoom, and there have been no in person events, a few of the members have met and been surprised by the bond they have developed from these sessions. Other friendships have blossomed to telephone conversations.

The a core group of 5-7 persons who attended the initial sessions has matured to a group of 15+ at our sessions in 2022. The meditations are recorded, both audio and video have been made available, many others have availed of the session at a later time.

As one of the more regular attendees I find this club has given me a lot- it has become a small oasis of calm and inner peace, a place to retreat to from the hustle and bustle and stresses of day-to-day life. Even when out having fun, I am drawn back home by a growing addiction to this oasis, every Saturday at 4 pm.

We hope that more of you will join us, whatever your reasons, and find new friends on the journey to peace. For more information and to join us please message us at We want you.....

Submitted by Jasleen Kaur Goel

Recent Updates

Priti Seth shared profound Advaita teachings a few are sampled below:

Adhi - daivikam: events beyond our control for which we need acceptance
Adhi - bhautikam: events that are contributed to by humans thus partially within our control
Adhyatmikam: such as those born of our own attitude and ego - completely within our control

Gen Khedrub shared the six Buddhist perfections of Patience, Giving, Moral Discipline, Effort, Concentration and Wisdom.

Our learning is not limited to the Saturday afternoon sessions but in fact we have all been greatly enriched by the candid & informative discussions that follow on the Whatsapp group. We are leveraging digital connectedness - considered a culprit, to help us all.


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