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Lady Hardinge Medical College
Alumni Association of North America

Celebrating, Supporting, and Empowering Women Physicians

Recent Updates / NEWSLETTER

Updates for April-May'23

LHMCAANA Annual Event - EVENTOPIA to take shape in the International Liberty Marriot in Newark September, 8 - 10, 2023.
Ritu Suri’86 leads the organizing committee with Sonia Dhawan’ 85, Sushma Dhar’70, Rita Ahuja’69

Suparna Chadha Bali’85 and Neeru Khanna’85 to host a lunch for LHMCAANA alumni in Charlotte NC.

Radha Ramarutham’81 hosted LHMCAANA alumni in her home in Phoenix on April 9th with a musical evening.

Boston Alumni bid farewell to Aastha Singh’03.

LHMCAANA launched a much awaited new club ”LHMCAANA Globe Trotters” co-led by Vimla Bhooshan’66 and Radha Ramarutham’81. First excursion slated to be in the first quarter of 2024.

LHMCAANA alumni Whatsapp rules framed by the LHMCAANA Board and shared by Hema Kapoor. 300+ members will be welcomed to the existing Alumni page as Whatsapp has increased the limit of group sizes.

LHMCAANA alumni sponsored 9 student scholarships at LHMC bringing the total to 25 current students being sponsored and mentored by Alumni in North America. In total LHMCAANA alumni have jointly donated $248,500 to FFE for student scholarships in India since 2020. Kudos to our generous alumni.

LHMCAANA alumni visited Apna Ghar Ashram in Meerut India and tour the facility for homeless dispossessed persons. Rupees 41 lac was donated by LHMCAANA alumni for the construction of the facility.

LHMCAANA alumni visited India in the winter and participated in alumni reunions, met faculty in Delhi. LHMCAANA alumni in the limelight were felicitated by one and all and recently alumni met each other in USA and around the world.

With a sad heart LHMCAANA alumni bid a final farewell to two spouses: Bikram Singh, h/o Jaswinder Singh’67 and Prakash Sheth, h/o Archana Maini’81, past president LHMCAANA.

Updates for Nov'22


Save the date on your calendars - Sept 8-10 weekend, 2022 in the NY/NJ area.

The DC event has LHMCAANA energized and we hope to set a tradition of annual events. We will need volunteers to step forward to make it happen.


3 day Galamania in Crystal City 

Friday August 26 2022 (submitted by Preeti Jolly'82)

Saturday Morning August 27 2022 (submitted by Meena Khandelwal'80 & Kanta Saha'96)

Saturday Evening August 27 2022 (submitted by Megha Gupta'98)

Sunday Morning August 28 2022 (submitted by Bhavna Dhillon '98 & Sabina Chaudhary'82)

The Event was chaired by Vimla Bhooshan'66 and Megha Gupta'98, who oudid the expectations of all the attendees and set the stage for annual events every year.

Hardonians spent the weekend together, 

PATRON MEMBERS PAGE established on the website

Annual GBM minutes shared on the website for members only

Revised By Laws shared on the website 

Newsletters Chronicled on the website

Newsletter July 2022
Newsletter November 2022

Updates for Jul'22


Save the date on your calendars - August 26-28, 2022 in Washington DC.

The previous mini-meets reinforced the kinship in-built within us Hardonians, and strengthened the bonds established through virtual-meets, and WhatsApp groups.

This will be the first, and a unique opportunity for ALL the Hardonians residing in USA and Canada to come and meet face to face with other Hardonians and reconnect with friends and classmates.


Miami Bash
(submitted by Bhavna Dhillon’8)

Hosted by Megha Gupta, who did an outstanding job in not only bringing everyone together but opening her home and heart to fellow LHMCAANA members. She was supported by the Miami organizing team.

Hardonians spent the weekend together, starting with a live DJ, amazing food, a belle dancer show, antakshari and breathtaking Hardonian dance moves that took us back to the LHMC college fests- Cobweb and Splash. The highlight of the weekend was Holi on the beach followed by aloo poori and a red carpet walk honoring all the Hardonions.

LHMCAANA brings Spring to Chicago
(submitted by Kanta Saha’96)

The party kicked off with the icebreaker game by Dr. Madhuri Thota that took us straight back to LHMC followed by slide shows about two remarkable seniors: Dr. Saroj Kapoor & Dr. Hem Lata Sehgal, and about the history of LHMCANNA since 1991 and it’s rejuvenation in 2021.

The senior most Hardonians at the meet were Dr. Ashima Mehta (1958) and Dr. Rajalaxmi Subramanian Mckenna (1961). The youngest was Nitya Beriwal (2013).

The post dinner-game of “Guess the tune is” by Lily Aggarwal took us back to our PSM bus rides to the PHCs.

Updates from our clubs

Green Thumb
(Submitted by Ramya Pinnamaneni ’06)

The arrival of spring was announced by the gorgeous blooms and sprouts of the Green Thumb-ers.

Members asked for ‘diagnostic, therapeutic, and prognostic advice’ for their plants and received answers from the more experienced plant doctors- mealybugs and other infestations fought with neem oil or rubbing alcohol or dish soap or pesticides or advanced CPR (just prune it as much as possible). Everybody discussed when to plant seeds and shared pictures of their colorful yards in the spring. The use of compost for these natural beauties was encouraged. Keeping away weeds, squirrels and rabbits were also discussed.

Dr Asha’s camellias and daffodils that almost gave in to the spring snow or her beautiful yard of flowers, Dr Kumkum’s seed planting tips, timings and sprout tests, Dr Ila’s floral creations and gorgeous backyard blooms, nature-wanderer Dr Sumana’s and Dr Rachna’s pictures from floral tours, Dr. Sue’s aero garden, Dr. Daya’s blooming rose bushes, Dr Pratima’s happy pumpkin plants, Dr Archana’s humble garden… innumerable pictures and messages made everybody hope for a way to ‘share the fragrance’ of the fresh blooms.

The group motivates us to keep growing and rejuvenate.

Happy Feet Hardonians
(Submitted by Hema Nathan’65)

Our energetic leader keeps us on our toes:

"From Disco to Bhangra
From Choli to Ghagra
From Retro to Rap
From Fitness to Fab
We continue to move and shake
And friends forever we make."

Some of the participants have been able to showcase their talents during the recent Miami bash with songs like ‘Jugnu’, ‘balam pichkari’ that captured everyone’s interest and the festive mood of Holi.

Currently the club is working on an evergreen wedding dance song “Mahi Ve” at the request of Sudha Bansal who wants to perform this at her son’s wedding.

Hardinge Book Worms
(Submitted by Asha Puri’ 67)

We continue to meet monthly and have read very interesting books:

  • The Light We Cannot See - hosted by Pragna Sutaria'70
  • Second Mountain hosted by Madhu Goyal'66
  • Cutting For Stone hosted by Venita Serohia'66
  • What We Carry hosted by Nalini Tandon'68
  • The Code Breaker - hosted by Sunita Khetarpal'72.

(Submitted by Param Kochhar’70)

Our singers are from USA, UK, India and Singapore. The Mehfil themes have included: Sunil Dutt, Madhubala Dev Anand, Sahir Ludhianvi and Bimal Roy. Our creative MC Neelam Kohli weaves our songs into a story about the Bollywood personality.

In March we had a surprise birthday celebration for Neelams K’s birthday. Dr. Neelam Batra (UK) serenaded Neelam K with a Happy Birthday song in Sanskrit!! Home grown MC’s Lily Agarwal'77, Paramjit Kochhar'70 hosted a Mehfil themed Spring, Geeta Kadyaprath'87 & Lily hosted Barsaat themed Mehfil and, Manju Barik'79 & Radha Ramarutham'81 hosted a Mehfil themed Rishte' and relationships other than lovers…

Dr. Chandrama Anand our beloved teacher’s birthday was felicitated by a surprise happy birthday song. Dr. Anand is a wonderful singer and attends all the mehfils and is deeply appreciated by all.

Our WhatsApp chat group is very busy with shares of songs, travel and family pictures. It feels like a big extended musical family. Many of the members have started writing poetry.

Nutrichefs LHMCAANA
(Submitted by Pratima Srivastava’79)

Recipes were covered tended to be grouped:

Festivities led to sharing of typical foods during Navratri vrat, Diwali, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Lohri, Makar-Sankranti have been shared. At holi Gujiya making was a hit.

Regional dishes included ‘Pahari Kathal Madra’ from H.P. and ‘Litti Chokha’ from UP/Bihar.

Snacks section had unique recipes of Sabudana tikki, besan chilla, ram laddu, muthia, quinoa upma, pakoras for vrat (with kuttu flour mixed with Singhara flour and potatoes), Appe made from Bajra and besan. 

Desserts included novel Lauki and Beetroots halwa, almond burfi, chaina murgi, sabudana kheer, eggless cookie and many more.

Veggie recipes saw a burst of uncommon recipes: Hyderabadi baingan, Manchurian Gobi and corn, bharva long eggplant  with roasted masala, tindora, ridge gourd, guar beans, desi style brussel sprouts and others. 

Zucchini was awarded the most versatile vegetable! A list was compiled on how to use Zucchini in koftas, raita, zoodles, in chana and other dals, grilled slices in sandwiches, adding in flour dough or chila and breads, zucchini do payzaa and in mixed veggies along with tofu.

Desi style yogurt, ranging from starter types like using green chili,various types of milk- whole milk, reduced fat milk, A2 milk, almond and cashew milk, adding fruits to yogurt, and the style of making yogurt- the old-fashioned way or using an Instant. 

Grains included varieties of Rotis admixed with veggies and different types of flour usage were shared. Kathal biryani, desi style pasta! 

Pickles of green chili and gajar were shared. 

Chutneys of granny smith apple, coconut and  yellow tomato sauce were shared.

Soup recipes for ginger,Bok choy and butternut squash were the highlights.

Strict vegans had their day with Vegan smoothies.

Appliances and kitchen accessories like Rotimatic, potato masher, gujiya mould and tortilla maker as a  roti maker were discussed.

Meditation and Self-Hypnosis
(Submitted by Jasleen K Goel’76)

Priti Seth shared profound Advaita teachings a few are sampled below:

Adhi - daivikam: events beyond our control for which we need acceptance
Adhi - bhautikam: events that are contributed to by humans thus partially within our control
Adhyatmikam: such as those born of our own attitude and ego - completely within our control

Gen Khedrub shared the six Buddhist perfections of Patience, Giving, Moral Discipline, Effort, Concentration and Wisdom.

Our learning is not limited to the Saturday afternoon sessions but in fact we have all been greatly enriched by the candid & informative discussions that follow on the Whatsapp group. We are leveraging digital connectedness - considered a culprit, to help us all.


The Lady Hardinge Medical College Association of North America is a group of more than 1000 alumni motivated towards empowering women physicians from its Alma Mater settled in North America.



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