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Lady Hardinge Medical College
Alumni Association of North America

Celebrating, Supporting, and Empowering Women Physicians

Membership Updates

There is strength in numbers. One finger cannot do much but when five fingers join, it becomes a fist of immense force and strength. This is what membership does. It brings these fingers together and forms a strong organization where members can help each other in innumerable ways and give back to our Alma Mater. There are more than 1100 Lady Hardinge Alumni in USA and Canada. We have a secure database with contact info for close to 900 Alumni.

LHMCAANA launched its website on the Wild Apricot content management system and we are hosting an annual event in the DC area from Aug 26-28. To be an independent organization we need an endowment fund that will generate income to cover our fixed costs annually. Membership subscription is a necessity if we are to host Annual Events with CME, maintain a secure up-to-date database, a quarterly newsletter, interest groups and other such activities.

There are different levels of membership to suit the needs of Alumni in different phases of life: Annual, Life, Patron for existing life members, Patron & Student.

As of Nov. 2022, we have total of 194 members up from 178.

11 Annual members- up from 9 ($150/year): Abha Gulati, Bhavna Dillon, Jasvinder Singh, Kanika Sood, Manjari Pandey, Monica Goel, Nalini Tandon, Sreelekha Prakash, Suparna Chadha- Bali.                                                               New members: Kini Khin and Seema Berry

21 Patron members with existing Life membership- up from 8 ($1000): Archana Maini, Chitra Kuthiala, Gita Rupani KumKum Bhasin, Madhu Ahluwalia, Poonam Alaigh, Radha Ramarutham, Satty Gill Keswani.               New members:  Anila Verma,Anupama Masand,Asha Mishra,Bina Jain,Kamala Ghaey,Kanta Saha,Rita Ahuja,Roop Rekha Shivpuri,Sangita Nagpal,Sanjukta Mitra,Sudha Rani Gupta,Swati Pande,and Venita Sarohia.

4 Patron members - up from 3($1600): Hema Nathan, Saroj Joshi, Shilpa Jain.  New member: Prachi Dubey

3 Student/Resident members- up from 1($50): Ira Khanna.                         New members:  Kavita Mosalpuria and Astha singh

156 Life members which includes 58 new life members up from 43($600) Anila Verma, Anshu Goyal Garg, Anshu Taneja, Anupama Masand, Anuradha Dharbhamulla, Anuradha Soi, Bina Jain, Archana Agrawal, Asha Puri, Ena Gupta, Hema Kapoor, Jaya Sonkar, Jasleen Goel, Jasvinder Singh, Jyotsna Bhatnagar, Kanta Saha, Madhavi Kamireddi, Madhuri Thota, Manju Khanna, Megha Gupta, Meena Khandelwal, Monica Gupta, Monika Goyal, Mukesh Chaudhary, Neeru Chopra, Neelam Verma, Paramjeet Kochhar, Parminder(Tina) Sodhi, Reshma Hingorani, Ranju Gupta & Richa Chandra, Ritu Rastogi, Sangita Nagpal, Sanjukta Mitra, Saroj Mehta, Shushma Govil, Sonam Prakash, Sudha Sikri, Sugandha Agarwal, Suneeta Khetarpal, Suruchi Kaul, Swati Pandey, Sweta Mehta.                                                                                          New membersAnju Sood,Aruna Wadhwa,Avanti Mehrotra,Charu Gupta,Dipika Minnal,Indu jain,Mona Gupta,Neela Ramaswamy,Parveen kaur,Payal Gaba,Ramana Amar,Ritu Suri,Sabina Chaudhry,Suman singh,and Yasmeen Khan.

LHMCAANA  incorporated  in the early 1990 's and had life members under previous Presidents, especially Dr. Shashi Sharma. The Board voted to honor all those life members as existing life members. The names of these members were obtained from the Directory published by  Founding President Dr. Chander Kapasi in 1993 and a subsequent list compiled by Dr. Shashi Sharma.

Special Thanks to Chitra Kuthiala for Donation of $1000.00 for general fund.

Thank you all who became members and we are confident that all our alumni will join as members. The more we are, stronger we become. A strong LHMCAANA rocks.


The Lady Hardinge Medical College Association of North America is a group of more than 1000 alumni motivated towards empowering women physicians from its Alma Mater settled in North America.



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