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LHMCAANA Winter Bash in Miami

  • 11 Mar 2022
  • 10:00 AM (EST)
  • 13 Mar 2022
  • 10:00 PM (EDT)
  • Miami, Florida

Hosted by Megha Gupta, who did an outstanding job in not only bringing everyone together but opening her home and heart to fellow LHMCAANA members. She was supported by the Miami organizing team.

Hardonians spent the weekend together, starting with a live DJ, amazing food, a belle dancer show, antakshari and breathtaking Hardonian dance moves that took us back to the LHMC college fests- Cobweb and Splash. The highlight of the weekend was Holi on the beach followed by aloo poori and a red carpet walk honoring all the Hardonions.

A few words from the attendees

Madhu Ahluwalia 1966

Immediately felt at ease ,able to connect so quickly and lives shared with such openness felt so good meeting other hardonions.

Megha the hostess hostess- 98

Enjoyed each and every moment with you all...from preparations to the event to the farewell.... . and the florida team was honored and humbled by your presence....but never felt a void like this before.....after you all left. .we all have surely made a bond which will only grow and grow ....words can't express our touched by your love........we love you sooooo sooo sooo much

Neelam Verma batch of 1971

It was awesome , memorable experience with all Hardonians , of course , kudo to dear Megha and Pankaj , they worked very hard to make this event unbelievable , let us do it again!!❤️ Lots of love !!

Manju Khanna batch of 1971

Nice fun filled action packed weekend with future hopes. Great to meet and learn from each other. Thanks to the Miami team for organizing this. So much energy enthusiasm and team work. ‍♀️Friends make you young again.

Madhuri Thota batch of 1990

Following on Ranju’s lines and keeping Dr Kumkum’s promise to write a few lines.
This was an experience to remember. It was like meeting family. I took off where I left off with some and made many new friends. The Joy and power of women was a heady thing to experience.

Thank you Megha and the Florida Team for your tremendous work to make this event a whopping success!!

Ranju Gupta Batch of 1990

Loved, loved the LHMCAANA bash -meeting so many hardonians in one place. Felt like Hardinge days!! Made so many new friends. It was inspiring to see Dr Satty rocking at 90 and all the other ladies. Felt like I was on a exhilarating ride for 2 days♥️♥️♥️

Deepti Munjal batch of -1981

This is a wonderful start of new friendships and rejuvenation of old ones! This reunion has made the spirit of LH come alive once again!! So much work has gone to make this event a success thanks so much opening your home Megha ( and for so much hard work from you Viu and Pankaj) special thanks to Kumkum , and so many LH alumni, board members !!

As someone said You have set a very high bar, looking forward to many more fun times together
Lots of love

Yasmeen Khan

It was amazing to meet such a strong group of Hardonians! I had such a great time. Wish I could meet you all for much longer. Thank you Megha for all your efforts and enthusiasm.

Saroj Joshi - 1969

Megha and company my heart felt thanks and gratitude for your kindness generosity and welcome. I enjoyed every minute and feel resuscitated by your energy . LHMCANA IS IN GOOD HANDS

Supriya Sharma - 1986

Hip Hip Hooray !
The Reunion was awesome !

Kudos to @Megha ‘98 LHMCAANA ,@Archana Maini’81 LHMCAANA’81-85 ,@Anju B Sood’77 LHMCAANA and @Hema Kapoor ‘76 LHMCAANA for a job MORE than well done !

I will remember this weekend for … EVER !

Such hard work, enthusiasm, energy, sisterhood, fun , love and Sun !

Also thanks to all the others for coming and making this event happen !

We rock ! Thanks for making it SO SO enjoyable! And thanks for inviting and welcoming my daughter Nivedita to this function . I could be with her and enjoy these festivities at the same time and she could see her Mom at her craziest

Savita Pahwa- 1965

Thank you Dr Kumkum for taking this picture of me, (Savita) with Chitra and Roop- the 3 from the 1965 batch. Thanks to Hema Nathan for posting it on our batch chat. As a member of the organizing committee I want to express my regrets for being unable to attend the full event. Although it was only one evening for me, it was truly memorable. I was really touched by Megha’s kind gesture of announcing my 50th wedding anniversary with a yummy cake. It was a joy to meet you all and to see the spirit of Harding shine so bright. Thanks to all my committee members for a great job.

Radha Ramarutham- 81

A few words on my experience on this LHMCAANA get together. First it brought me back to the time when we were in college, but now without the stress of future planning and exams. But more importantly it got me connected to a lot of fellow Hardonians and gave me an opportunity to learn and get motivated by each one of you that somehow or the other influenced me in some way and so thank you all for making this happen. A special thanks to Archie and Kishor for having so many batch mates as house guests and Kumkumji for having the vision to get this to move forward and Megha and Pankaj for hosting this grand event and all the local Florida team and our honorary Hardonian Rimpy as well for all their painstaking efforts. Hugs and kisses to juniors, respects your seniors and cheers to all of you

Satty Gill Keswani 1950

Team Florida- awesome celebration. Hope to meet again soon.

KumKum S Bhasin 1970

Thank you to the Miami team for brining us together nad giving LHMCAANA a ‘joshful start” - we now need the momentum to to take us forward to the next step as a sound Association.

Bhavna Dhillon - 1998

Love the energy and the spirit. Looking forward to many many more times and memories like this. Great work.

Sugandha Agarwal - 1998

It was so much fun to be here. The energy from all the Hardonians spanning different generations was contagious. So many wonderful memories mage me looking for many more. Can’t stop smiling and dancing. Reminded me of my college festival days- “ Splash” and Cobweb”.

Anshu Taneja- 1982

So glad I came to the reunion and got to meet so many of the Hardonians- feel rejuvenated, motivated and happy to see my seniors and juniors. Feel like I am back in Hardinge with carefree and ‘mast’ attitude of all my girls. Love you all.

Sudha Sikri - 1982

This was one of the most memorable event since 2011 which was our 25th reunion in India. Hoping for more reunions.Thank you Megha and Florida team for this fantastic and memorable weekend.

Richa Chandra- 1980

Sunny, beautiful, vibrant!! I am returning inspired and in awe of the so many beautiful and accomplished women. Loved every moment of the brief time we shared.

Suparna Kohli - 1998

When the planning started I thought ‘should I go? I thought to give it a shot and was still doubting myself -‘if I took the right decision”.

But ever since I put my foot her it has been nothing less than a dream. I dream of Hardinge that I always wanted to relive since graduation. Thanks for making it happen. An event to remember. Awesome, mind blowing, rejuvenate, thrilling, should pleasing. Not good with words but hopefully my dance yesterday could show the ‘ happiness zone’ I was in. Thanks to all the planners and attendees as fun is incomplete without you all.

Supriya Sharma- 1982

This is one of the best weekends I have had! It was MASTI on STEROIDS. i don’t think I could walk, I only DANCED!! It was connecting not only with my batch, but our seniors and juniors . It was inspiring to learn from the seniors that there’s a lot more to do with life. It was rejuvenating to see and feel the energy from my juniors. It was just the beginning of new friendships and of LHMCAANA- we are going places!! It was a weekend away from snow and cold full of sunshine, FUN and LOVE!!

To our wonderful hosts: You not only opened your home to us - you opened your HEARTS!! Lastly- yeh to shuruaat hai aage’ aage’ dekho hot heih cya! With love and gratitude

Saroj Joshi 1969

Hats off to all the people who organized and hosted this event in Miami. It provided a much needed recharge to my exhausted mind. Just what I used to feel when I visited India every year or two to get enough love and good wishes. It was fun and and exciting to be part of the LHMCAANA community.

Roop Shivpuri- 1965

Just a week ago I was able to come from th 11-13 today! This was absolutely phenomenal! I saw so many people in 3 days at the same place, the same home. We received wonderful food and everything else. We all want this again and again and daily!!! Once a year please!! Love all!!

Archana K Aggarwal- 1974

What can we say …. have no words to express our gratitude for all the love, fun connection mastic 100!!!

Love love love to all who came. Loved making new friendships. Special love and heartfelt thanks to Megha and family.

Rohini from Kansas City

A great event and kudos to Megha and the Florida group who took this initiative and organized this fun filled get together. It was such a great feeling to to shake legs with seniors from LHMC and to relive college memories. It has been emotional journey after college and the reconnect with the LH buddies (Seniors) was so much fun!! The beautiful decor, Holi Party, dance party and speeches were so good. Thanks Megha and other LHMC friends for doing this for all of us.

Deepti Munjal - 1981

Lovely experience! Absolutely lovel! So much warmth, met new friends, but it feels like I have known them forever! Made beautiful emotional and warm friendships! Thanks so much to so many people especially Megha and Pankaj and Viu for opening up their homes and hearts. Love guys- Look forward to the new Board. Lots of love

Sudha Bansal- 1981


Archana Maini( Fort Lauderdale)- 1981

This was the most rejuvenating event I have attended since my 25th reunion at LHMC. It was like being back as a wide eyed teenager once again! I am so grateful and thankful for this awesome opportunity given by Megha and so many others!! Meghas has set the bar too high!! Hats off!

Neeru Chopra- 1981

The Florida LHMCAANA reunion has been a literal life changing event for me. Meeting and discussing our days at LH have been so therapeutic form me. Megha you have been amazing, amazing amazing….The personal touch that you have given to this entire process was the icing on the cake. there is so much more I want to say but the lovely dancing music and kabadi is calling me. Lots of love till we meet again.

Hema Kapoor- 1976

Dear participants of the Miami Bash
Thank you for coming and making it a memorable event. It won’t have been possible without your support and enthusiasm, especially Dr. Satti. We are blessed to have Megha with the exceptional talent of an event planner and a great hostess. This event shows the LHMCAANA’s team effort; the sky's the limit for powerful women.

Join in large numbers and rock our Alma mater.

Monika Arya-1995

Thank you so much everyone for making such effort and arranging such a wonderful gathering of Hardonians batches 1950 to 1998!!!!! Who could have imagined? You brought back such beautiful memories of our soo sooo loved-and-missed college days! And it felt like we knew each other all along. Love you and look forward to many more of these memory-making friends-making events!

Lily Agrawal- 1977

It was very nice of dear Megha to open her home & heart to a 3-day LHMCAANA event. I was able to attend one evening, and briefly had the opportunity to reconnect with a couple of my batch mates and meet some new friends. The event pictures are a testament to the youthful energy & comradarie!


Thanks you Megha for organizing this event. It was such a great fun filled, well organized , action packed event. Reunion was awesome without flaws. Big thanks to Megha, Hema, Archana , Anju and all others who helped to plan, organize and bring the action.

Thanks to Megha and Pankaj for their hospitality and welcoming us to your home. Because of LHMCAANA’s Holi on the beach event,I could meet my 1982 batch mates.

I will remember this weekend FOREVER!! Looking forward to such more reunion events.

Rekha Sinha - 1988

‘Sochta hoon ki Doston peh mukadma kar doon…. Issi bahaney taarekho peh mulakaat toh hogi’ !!! . These words from Gulzaar comes to my mind when I think of the Miami get together. Delighted to Meet, Know and Connect with each one of you. Big Thanks for the love & care… that Hardinge Vibe’. Cheers to Happy Moments !

Poonam Alaigh- 1981

The weekend in Miami was incredible, bringing such a sense of pride and connecting with our Hardonian pedigree of fun loving, compassionate and accomplished human beings both professionally and personally!

Savita Pahwa- 1965

Dear LHMCAANA friends, the Miami meet was truly memorable. I was impressed with the energy and warmth of the group. Age didn’t matter, whether very young or senior citizens like myself. I was very touched and surprised when Megha announced my golden wedding anniversary, complete with a cake, garlands and nostalgic music. I could not come for day 2 or day 3 but I lived it through the pictures and posts. Way to go Hardonians!

Chander Kapasi

Dr. Megha Gupta, the current treasurer did a fantastic job at her home, celebrating the get together of Hardonians. I presented a plaque of appreciation to Dr. Archana, past president as I had done to all past presidents being Founding president of LHMCAANA. Also honored the current executive committee by giving them Calendars on Women’s Health . Here are some of the memories of this weekend I love to share.

Parul Jayakar-1972

What more can I say for an amazing fun filled , vivacious get together and hearty thanks to our organizers and a big shout out to Megha.

Chitra Kuthiala- 1965

It was an awesome unforgettable experience connecting with all Hardonions & my classmates. It brought back sweet memories of Harding. I loved the dances, beach Holy, spirit & enthusiasm and the exceptional talent of the Florida team. I would love to continue coming to all events in future and encourage everyone to do so.

Anju Sood - 1977

I felt: I am back on Hardinge grounds; that I never left LHMC. I felt a very strong sense of oneness and togetherness with my fellow Hardonians .♥️♥️


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