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Long Island Meet

  • 14 Aug 2021
  • 11:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Sudha Mukhi (joining batch of 1970) generously hosted a lunch for LHMCAANA in her beautiful home in long Island on August 14, 2021. Hardonians from various batches between 1966 to 2001 attended and felt at home.

A few word from the hostess

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to say that it was a great pleasure to host you all. Thank you all for coming!

We have a Hardinge bond so did not feel at all that we were meeting strangers.

Feelings expressed by attendees

Anupama Chawla’ 74

Thank you for arranging this great reunion. My first outside of my batch get togethers. Thank you Sudha for opening up your home and your generosity. Felt so at home with the crowd. No Airs!!

Madhu Ahluwalia’ 66

I felt such sense of comfort and ease being in the company of other hardonians! Even though we all were of different years there is still such a sense of togetherness. One can be authentic in this crowd!

Meena Khandelwal’ 80

A special thanks to Sudha and Anu and KumKum from my side:

  1. Sudha - for being the amazing ‘Indian culture Icon’ host. Despite us being so late – she got the food out, reheated and served to us amazingly.
  2. Anu - as usual being the kindest person and providing special attention and always a host at heart.
  3. KumKum – for organizing and providing us all with the best delicious gift of spices as party favors.

Let’s do this again!

Poonam Ailagh’ 81

I am so sorry to have missed this gathering - especially wanted to meet Sudha who was such a tremendous guide and support after I finished my residency and started practice in Long Island. She was always there personally and professionally! And yeah, she looks just the same as I last saw her over a decade ago! She is one of the most graceful and dignified professionals I have come across. I have been reflecting on those times when she did consults on my patients, we escaped for a quick bite in between our very hectic hospital rounds, chatted about everything and nothing or socialized in the evenings/weekends with our better halves! I am so fortunate to have met her during one of my most formidable times in life.

Thank you Sudha for being such an inspiration as I saw you balance your personal and professional life and learnt so much from you - especially as a mother, wife and friend.

Sreelekha’ 92

Thank you for hosting all of us and welcoming us with so much warmth. It was good fun and I was happy to be part of the group.

Sujata Mikkilineni’ 84

Thank you for organizing this event. We had wonderful time.

Anupma Masand’ 80

I went to Sudha's house expecting to be done very quickly. I was amazed at how long we stayed, made so many heartwarming connections, and enjoyed Sudha and Sudesh's hospitality. Many thanks Sudha for opening your heart and home to us. You have set a great example to the rest of us, so I would like to volunteer, the next Northeast get together at my place.

Sadhana Sardana’ 73

It was a really heartwarming experience to join Hardonians for the first time in years. Special thanks to Sudha and her husband for hosting this at their place, for their hospitality and serving delicious food. Everything was well organized. Thank you for organizing the event, reaching out to everyone, and connecting us and to get this started.

KumKum’ 70

We spanned 3 generations the senior most Hardonians were from the 1966 batch and our ' baby ‘ Nidhi is from the '01 batch and everyone felt welcomed and loved & comfortable in each other’s presence.

Shail Lal ‘70

Meeting so many other Hardonians that I didn't know was a bonus and I felt very much 'at home' with all of you.

Aparna Ahuja

It was a real pleasure and a great opportunity to meet Hardonians from so many different batches (1966-2001!)

Neelam Verma’ 71

It was a great pleasure to meet senior as well as juniors.

Lakshmi Pai’ 71

It was such a pleasure meeting all of you at Sudha’s place.

Gita Bakshi’ 70

Thank you for hosting this awesome get together of us Hardonians. It was great to meet up with my classmates.


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