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Worcester Meet

  • 9 Jun 2021
  • 1:00 PM (EDT)
  • Worcester, Massachusetts

A spontaneous memorable get together - never to be forgotten!!

Shihla Shireen Kamagode’2012

I was fortunate to meet my super-super seniors before beginning my residency in United States. I was nervous, of course, they are so senior to me and we belong to 3 different generations and they are settled here for so long. But I was wrong- we had so many things in common, we had so many topics to talk about, it was so much fun. They were so patient with me when I missed my train, were ready to drive extra miles for me. It was so much fun to hear about Hardinge from them. Looking forward for many more such conversations❤️❤️❤️

Monie Malhotra’61

At a stage in life's journey where one gets more philosophical than practical, it was very refreshing to simultaneously meet two representatives of my 'previous' life, Kumkum and Shihla.

Three generations with so much in common that we felt like one, that is the magic of being a hardonian. Once a hardonian, always a hardonian with the same spirit flowing eternally through all of us.

KumKum S Bhasin’70

It was one of those days where any-thing that could go wrong with directions went wrong, but, Shihla, Monie ji and I met. Not only did we meet, we also found a restaurant that served us Pizza in the middle of the pandemic. Monie ji is retired and so accomplished. She offers art classes to her community as her way of giving back and Shihla represents the young Hardonian who is starting her life here. It was lovely to meet 2 Hardonians at different ends of the Spectrum in one day and connect with them so very easily. Looking forward to more such spontaneous meetings.


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