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Boston Meet

  • 31 Jul 2021
  • 1:00 PM (EDT)
  • Boston, Massachusetts

Fifteen alumni (spanning batch 1966-2012) in the Greater Boston area gathered at the lovely home of Kumkum Bhasin (‘batch70) for an evening of connections, conversations, laughter and bonhomie.

Batch mates reconnected after 50 years and many met for the first time and resolved to do it again.

A few words from the attendees

Madhavi Ratnam 1971

KumKum re-introduced me to my Indian family..... She did this with warmth and great kindness. She invited me to the Hardonian dinner she hosted on 31 July 2021. It was a truly novel experience for me. Having not felt I belonged in my country of birth, in KumKum's home and the gathering of all the lovely and friendly Hardonians from different batches, was a delight for me. Everyone was sincere and just wonderful. I felt a powerful connection.... My heart fills with gratitude for KumKum for making this daunting effort of pulling all of us together!!

Ramya Pinnamaneni 2006

On July 31, 2021 the Hardonions of Massachusetts got together at Dr Kumkum’s ‘70 home to reminisce the ‘good old days’, and to form new connections. The gathering hosted members from CT and NY too, and many met each other for the first time while others were reconnecting. Snippets from the annual virtual get-together and the activities of the various clubs ‘rejuvenated’ everybody and spiked their interest in LHMCAANA activities. Dr Richa Chandra ‘80 was introduced as the new LHMCAANA president and future projects and alliances were discussed.

Suruchi Kaul ’87

Fifteen alumni (spanning from 1966-2012) in the Greater Boston area gathered at the lovely home of Kumkum Bhasin (‘70) for an evening of connections, conversations, laughter and bonhomie.

Madhu Ahluwalia ’66

First LHMCAANA get together in Boston! Getting to know each other in Boston. First of many get togethers of LHMCANA. Introducing LHMCANA board to Boston group.

Layola Lunghar ‘93

I thought it was so interesting and really a treasure to hear the experiences while at LHMC , the career trajectories and life choices made by many different generations above and below me and where they have in some way circled back now . And while they were so different, there seemed to be a commonality, one that was simply human . This should not go on record, but my husband said they all seemed like a group of women who will not put up with S$&@! Lol

Sonia Kapoor ’91

Thank you for your warm welcome and delicious food. I think this initiative is much needed and will be very meaningful to the LH community everywhere.

Satinder Dhillon ‘71

Meeting with our classmates from the 80’s gives a whole new meaning to the phrase.. ‘Those good old days’

Never thought I would not only recoup them but felt like I again got to relive them even if it was for momentarily. Thanks KumKum for allowing this magic to happen.

Love Satinder


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