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LHMCAANA Spring Event

  • 24 Apr 2021
  • 5:30 PM - 6:45 PM (EDT)
  • Zoom

After a very successful event in Feb 2021 and the rapid growth of the WhatsApp page which reached a maximum capacity of 256 members, LHMCAANA reorganized under the direction of the erstwhile President Archana Maini and 4 new committees were formed. It was decided to host a virtual event themed ‘learn about LHMCAANA initiatives’ in April. Mona Gupta, chair of the social committee hosted the event. Archana Maini opened the meeting with a 1-minute silence in memory of Dr. Manorama Saini a senior alumni who had passed away recently. The past presidents of LHMCAANA were then introduced and thanked for their service.

The chair of each of the four committee presented the work that had been done so far:

  • Nominating Committee – Dr. Asha Mishra
  • Vision Committee– Dr. Richa Chandra
  • Outreach Committee – Dr. Vimla Bhooshan
  • Social Committee – Dr. Mona Gupta

Members were encouraged to nominate themselves or their willing friends to the Nominating Committee.

Sugandha Agarwaal led us in a dance sequence “ Sassy girls have fun” followed by Shipra Goel who took us down memory lane with a slide show of photos submitted by Hardonians and a Hardinge related quiz which created mirth and joy.

The assembled members than broke out into four rooms where they were requested to discuss the following topics:

  • What can LHMCAANA do for the institute
  • What can LHMCAANA do for the alumnus
  • What can LHMCAANA do for the LHMC students / mentorship program
  • What can LHMCAANA do for the departments
  • What can LHMCAANA do to promote CME activities

The members than reassembled and reflected on the group discussions and next steps.

Sugandha Agarwal led the girls in a dance bonanza followed by a Vote of thanks.


The Lady Hardinge Medical College Association of North America is a group of more than 1000 alumni motivated towards empowering women physicians from its Alma Mater settled in North America.



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