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  • Sunday Morning Aug. 28 2022 Crystal City

Sunday Morning Aug. 28 2022 Crystal City

  • 28 Aug 2022
  • 8:00 AM
  • Hilton Crystal City

Sunday Morning Aug. 28 2022

Submitted by Bhavna Dhillon '98

A Bollywood Saturday night was followed by a peaceful and somber Sunday morning. To start this day were discussions on how to give back to the community and how to help fellow Hardonians. Being in that room and listening to the thoughts that were put out would make everyone Hardonian rise with pride. We are together and we are here to make a difference echoes even after weeks and months of that Sunday morning. The energy and intent of our president et al cabinet is inspiring and contagious. The cherry on the top of Sundays event was the hypnosis session where we found ourselves and our strengths. There is no other way to best end a weekend spent well with friends, mentors and colleagues. As we ended the day with hugs, tears, smiles, laughter and promises to come back, each one of us left Washington DC with a heart full of joy and appreciation to what LHMC has given us, friends for life.

Brainstorming Session; LHMCAANA, Crystal City Va. 8-28-2022

Submitted by Sabina Choudhary ’82-’86

Moderator: Dr. Richa Chandra, Dr. Madhuri Thota

An open session was held to identify & pursue areas of interest for LHMCAANA community. The areas of interest include:

  • Provision of support to recent graduates of LHMC find residency and fellowship spots. Such support is already being provided on an informal basis by individual Hardonians. The future goal is to establish a more formal network for those who seek help. To establish a network in Academic and community based hospitals across the country to assist current medical students secure externships which are vital in securing residency positions. Sub committee to extend current activities to be inclusive to Medical students at LHMC
  • Opportunities for LHMCAANA members to give back in India and North America with the aim of bringing change. The following proposals were discussed: To encourage and assist adoption of education in the Medical student curricula at LHMC to include education and awareness regarding issues of domestic and sexual violence, bias regarding and provision of equity of care to marginalized, LGBTQ patients who often present with unique needs. It was also suggested to consider charities in India run by LHMC alumina.The charities supported need whetting and visit by group members to verify the legitimacy of the operation prior to partnership.
  • Breakout group to assist Physicians who are looking at or desire to pursue alternate careers.

Working groups will be created to execute each of these identified goals with the aim of meeting in the next 6-8 weeks to get these projects to a start.


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